Hello, Hi and hi

I found myself thinking this morning about how I could possibly create something where I could easily document my travels and include photos and maps … it took far too long for me to realise “oh yeah, that’s that blogging thing people do”.

I have spent endless amounts of time pondering over the fact that humans love to spend hundreds of pounds to do the most bizarre things; we like to spend money on sticking planks to our legs and sliding down a snowy hill, we drive hours on end to lumpy bits of land to climb up them and get insanely out of breath and throw ourselves off planes and cliffs to experience what seems like a near death experience. This will be my page where I talk about my similar experiences and explain actually why these things are totally worth the hours of travel and pennies spent.  I am doing it mostly for my own means of being able to look back on my travels and practice my photography, however you are more than welcome to give my poorly formed grammar a read in my attempts to write about my travels on my gap year and about how many times Hannah gets grumpy at me for being a slow walker. For those of you that don’t know, Hannah is my best and most insane friend form uni who has agreed to go on my adventures with me and has the ability to convince me of far more adventurous activities that I would never have dreamed of. She is about the size of a pea but has the personality that is about the size of a very large and excited great dane. (Picture featured below of Hannah enjoying KFC).


So welcome to my blog “Emu’s can’t walk backwards” apologies in advanced for my spelling mistakes but I will try and be as informative as possible about most of 2017’s travel experiences.


~Charlotte x



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