Slippy planks stuck to your feet 

DhdhheCanada is one of the most amazing countries I have been too. Being lucky enough to have family over there and a dad as a pilot, there have been many adventures spent over there. Everyone is always so friendly, and they are IN LOVE with our monarchy. When I was over there I had the question “oh are you from England? Have you held the royal baby?!” Or “so I take it everyone has been for tea and cake with the queen?” These seemed like logical questions to them because of the size of our country in proportion to theirs, how could everyone not possibly have visited Buckingham Palace for a scone? 

My most recent visit was on a skiing holiday with my Dad and Brother, which by default became a lads holiday for them with the aim to humiliate the only girl member on the trip as much as possible. My brother lost all fear for the slopes and discovered he was a speed demon on skis, meaning Dad and I spent a majority of time trying to catch up with him.  I spent my first couple of days re visiting the idea of snowboarding, which for those of you who haven’t given it a go, when you do I suggest that you stuff a  million pairs of socks down your pants, or a whole pillow?! The number of times you have the most dramatic looking and sounding falls whilst learning is crazy. It seems to be like riding a bike, you fall and fall and fall, then it just clicks and you’re a pro …. well that may just be my experience of narrowly missing breaking multiple bones before getting the hang of it, some people are probably just pros to start off. Below is an image of my first attempt at a black rated slope on my board. As you can see it was a lengthy process, I speant half my time on my back sliding down that way instead. BUT I had a super cool bright pink helmet from Decathlon (super cool cheap sports shop in the U.K.) so all was good.

We were staying at a resort we have been to since I was little called Mont Tremblant. A beautiful (bloody expensive) toy town like village inhabited by lots of sexy French Canadians. The mountains have a good range of slopes with plenty of each level available. The snow was absolutely perfect. No ice whatsoever. There was a flurry of snow each night topping the slopes up for us each morning creating the best kind of skiing conditions. There were a couple of super cloudy days but as a whole the weather was amazing with bright blue sky’s and only a slight chill, I think the coldest it ever got was -11 degrees C during the day which realistically isn’t too bad when you are wearing your puffy coats and trousers. 

We spent the first couple of days sticking to greens and blues, just to ease our way into it again but by the end we had worked our way up to these crazy mogully tree slopes rated as blacks. Admittedly there were a few close to being casualties carried out mainly by me and my dad, (I’ll post videos at some point because they are hilarious) but we were feeling pretty proud and accomplished by the end of the trip despite multiple bruises and squiffy knees. 

Hidden halfway down one of our favourite slopes is this cute little cabin called The Refuge. It seems to be only a select few that have discovered it as we made friends each day at lunch who had been present the day before. On the Thursday there was this lovely guy who came and just played his guitar round the cabin, impressing all the brits with his ability to match any British top hit that was asked of him.
One of the best slopes – Versant du Soleil, super wide with a load of off pieste tracks to explore and a cracking view. 

One of the best parts to the resort.. swimming in the snow?!!! Felt like some idiot from Made in Chelsea living it large, but it was pretty cool to watch the sunset over the mountains whilst sipping gin and tonic in a snowy swimming pool. 

One of the biggest highlights was our evening spent getting pushed down the kids slopes in these dingys or these tiny like skidoo things which I’m sure were for children really but adults seemed to be having a way better time on them. It was one of the most funniest things watching these full grown adults slide down the hill like a family of penguins, crashing into each other at the bottom and wiping out any small child on their way down.

It was an amazing trip and I loved spending some time with the family as it doesn’t happen often, I do thouroughly reccomend Tremblant as a skiing resort, it’s about an hour and a half drive from Montreal airport with pleanty of activities and slopes for all abilities. 


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