Call me a lifesaver … Lake District Antics 

We took a road trip up North to the Lake District! A part of our country which really makes me appreciate England and just how pretty it can be despite our rainy days.

We stayed just here in a place called Langdale, a small resort made up of cute slate lodges with a little stream running through it.

 The Lake District is ultimate dog walking city… there are wiggly tails everywhere; the dogs taking their owners on walks. Regardless of the large number of dogs, they were the second most popular animal to live within the peaks and lakes….SHEEP, sheep everywhere. Every mile you take down the road you cross a new cattle grid which lays in the floor in attempt to separate the sheep from places they weren’t meant to be. These weren’t very effective as I definitely saw some sheep on someone’s lawn helping themselves to some spring flowers. With it being early spring, there were millions of baby lambs who at first look like huge piles of cotton wool on the floor. 

One of my highlights of the trip were these little baby ducks, even if they caused huge amounts of stress. I came across them just outside our lodge, their mum was taking them for a morning stroll down the river. For me this was the most awesome thing ever because I love small round fluffy things, and these were very small, very round and very fluffy. This whole experience was stress free until I found them a couple of hours later in a huge muddle. The mummy duck had been spending that whole time attempting to get her little babies out of the stream but she had chosen a party of the bank that was far too steep for their little legs. There was no way they were getting out there and you could see they had started to run out of energy fighting against the flow of water. A couple had flagged behind and were stuck in some river debris. I was convinced that nature would do its thing and they would work options out, but an hour later they were still out there struggling. This resulted in me wading through the river fully clothed, thigh height chasing after little feather balls with a sieve. We managed to scoop all the duckies out with the sieve and plop them on the side next to their mum. The drama didn’t stop here after we had 2 escapees who had beetled off down the road in the wrong direction. The fluster scared them all in separate directions getting them separated from mum meaning sam had to scale the side of a small cliff to reunite them on the other side of the river. In the mean time I was hunting down the escape artists, to find them in someone’s garden -.- . All was well in the end when we finally managed to get them all back to their family and it was a super happy soppy sight seeing them all swim away to join the dad of the family. However my trainers were then wet for the rest of the day.

Some aesthetically pleasing boats …..

Our fluffy friend for the week 


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